Coming Soon » Erv WIlson iPad/iPhone Application by Marcus Satellite

An ipad/iphone application is in the works that puts some of Wilson’s most important scale making material into the hands of the general public. Designed by Marcus Satellite (aka Marcus Hobbs) to be usable by anyone from a young child to an advanced scholar, this app makes Wilson’s hand drawn diagrams interactive by enabling you to play the drawings themselves as an intuitive musical interface. This brings his charts and lattices to life as a self contained user-tunable instrument.

Would you like to contribute to making this app a reality?

Marcus is looking for:

* 3rd party source code for real-time synthesis on iOS devices. Even simple simple softsynth code (i.e., sine/saw/square waves, sample playback, wavetable) with minimal filtering and effects would greatly help. For best results, Marcus needs access to the source code. If static libraries are the only option, then Marcus needs a method to change an arbitrary tuning table for all instances of the synths in realtime.

* Are you the developer of a softsynth/sequencer app? Would you be willing to discuss how this microtonal tuning app can interface with your app? For example, this app could redirect to your app with a custom url scheme containing a tuning, or your app could import a tuning file of an arbitrary format produced by this app.