Transcendent Tonality

There is a new phrase emerging that expresses not only the vastness of Ervin Wilson’s work but also the scope of entire tuning field. “Transcendent Tonality” indicates something more encompassing than the term “microtonality.” It is a new term that refers to the universe of all possible temperaments, tuning systems, pitch fields and modes of creating master pitch sets. This includes those well known systems like 12 equal, as well as any of the lesser known systems and even those yet to be discovered . This phrase is gaining acceptance within the general public as a fresh new way of describing microtonality. We are finding, especially for the newcomer, that it appeals more to the right brain, evoking a sense of awe and expansiveness that welcomes inquisitive listening. It also appears to convey a feeling for the broad vision microtonality offers for the future. Ervin likes this phrase and has additionally emphasized that the term “imminent” (i.e. “ready to take place”) be used to describe his work. We will be using this term, “transcendent tonality”, more and more in subsequent posts not only in reference to “the third floor” of scale design but to it’s implementation and other derivations of microtonality as well.