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Live Events and Screenings of Surfing the Sonic Sky

July 19th at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco

Surfing The Sonic Sky has been selected as an official entry at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival on Saturday, July 19th at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco. Movie Maker Magazine named this festival one of the 25 Coolest film festivals in the world and I am happy more people will get to entertain the expansive view of music this 21 minute film presents.

It will screen during a two hour block of short films starting at 5pm and will be the 7th in the order of the nine films to show.

The Roxie is located at 3117 16th St, SF 94103.

Tickets are available at :

Stephen James Taylor will likely only be coming up for the night, so unfortunately won’t have much time to hang out this trip. Nonetheless, we would love to see you there if you can make it. If not please pass this info along to anyone else in the Bay Area who loves music and might be interested in a very provocative take on the subject.


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