Surfing the Sonic Sky Awarded 2012 Worldfest Houston Special Jury Award


Worldfest Houston has just announced that the 20 minute film, SURFING THE SONIC SKY, directed by Stephen James Taylor, was given a Special Jury Award. This is the oldest independent film festival in the world. The Special Jury Award is the highest honor a film can earn in its category.

This is its first award and “props” to Gary David, Marcus Hobbs, Andrew Taylor, Allyson Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Aaron Rapoport, Jim French, and Chuck Jonkey and others for their important roles in helping the film turn out as it did. Ervin Wilson, whose groundbreaking work it examines, will be very happy about this.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, here it is:

This film is part of a larger body of transmedia works in progress. We would love to hear any thoughts about the project and where you think we could go from here.

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