“Embrace It All” – Stephen James Taylor’s Transtonal Pop Album


I have finally just released my Solo Transtonal Pop Album entitled “Embrace It All.”

Check out this album on iTunes:

These songs are all created using a new musical paradigm called Transcendent Tonality. Think of it as a broad and inclusive mode of perception embracing all possible notes… “regular” notes as well as those that hide in the cracks between the usual notes obtainable on conventional instruments. By accepting all possible systems of frequency relationship an infinitely vast tonal world opens up, one where the composer is free to follow his ear anywhere inside or outside of the conventional tuning systems at will. The ability to change the underlying system now becomes part of the creative process. We did a film, Surfing the Sonic Sky, on this topic among other videos and musical examples.

When people hear about this they often tend to think that any music resulting from such an orientation would be dissonant and abstract. Sure thing if you WANT to go there. But the purpose of this album is to put forth the opposite. All the songs here are easy to listen to, use conventional song formats with memorable melodies and riffs, employing the production techniques of today’s pop culture. I generally used a soup base of hip hop elements into which I sprinkled various other ingredients. One instrument used extensively is the 31 tone 9 string guitar which is able to play things no other guitar can do. Tuning systems used on this project range from 11 limit Just Intonation, to 31 equal, to a hexatonic Tanzanian tuning, to Wilson MOS scales, to 23 tone Fibonacci, to a tuning based on theoretical levitation frequencies of the Coral Castle, and even the usual 12 equal (as it deserves equal inclusion as part of an infinitely large family of microtonal tunings).

Feel free to let me know your impressions, leave a comment below, share the album with your friends: Fbook, Twitter, social media share of your choice, email or some good old fashion conversation. You can also contact me at thesonicsky.com/contact/. Most importantly do how the Trantonal Pop Spirital Moves YOU.

Embrace It All!

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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Stephen James Taylor has had a full time career for the last 30 years writing music for film and TV as well as the concert hall. His style is an eclectic blend of many elements. He has been helping introduce Transcendent Tonality, (via the application of much of Ervin Wilson's material), into the lexicon of film music since the early 90's. He is just now getting around to releasing his first solo album in 2013.

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