From Stephen James Taylor and Aaron Rapoport comes a new SciFi short that applies some of the musical principles of Transcendent Tonality to the world of narrative fiction.

I AM HERE chronicles a female astronaut’s solo journey into inner and outer space aboard a new class of spaceship that responds to musical data and the emotions of the pilot. Due to an unexpected gravitational anomaly that diverts her course she is faced with the possibility of being stranded in space. She ends up working her way into an altered state in what turns out to be a vision quest in outer space..

This film represents a marriage of story, symbology and musical cosmology. It is driven by music written from the transcendent tonality paradigm , incorporating a broader universe of frequency relationships than those available on conventional instruments (as examined in Surfing The Sonic Sky). Additionally, most of the superimposed artwork and iconography in the film draw from the musical graphics of Ervin McDonald Wilson. This even includes the patches on the astronaut’s uniform.

Unofficially rated PG.

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Stephen James Taylor has had a full time career for the last 30 years writing music for film and TV as well as the concert hall. His style is an eclectic blend of many elements. He has been helping introduce Transcendent Tonality, (via the application of much of Ervin Wilson's material), into the lexicon of film music since the early 90's. He is just now getting around to releasing his first solo album in 2013.

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