I LIKE IT HERE (Transcendent Tonality)


I Like It Here - Transcendent Tonality“I Like It Here” is an easy stroll through 31 equal temperament using some spicy chord juxtapositions. The chromatic microtones in the guitar line clearly identify it as 31.  Check out the song now available on iTunes.

I Like It Here (Transcendent Tonality) - I Like It Here (Transcendent Tonality) - Single

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Stephen James Taylor has had a full time career for the last 30 years writing music for film and TV as well as the concert hall. His style is an eclectic blend of many elements. He has been helping introduce Transcendent Tonality, (via the application of much of Ervin Wilson's material), into the lexicon of film music since the early 90's. He is just now getting around to releasing his first solo album in 2013.

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