SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT (Transcendent Tonality)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Long Version) - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Long Version) - Single

This is part of the debut of a new 3 minute music video entitled SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT. It is a traditional Negro spiritual taken to a new dimension, i.e. that of 31 tone equal temperament a 500 year old tuning system containing both common and very uncommon tonal sonorities. Beautifully shot by Aaron Rapoport it features a 9 string 31 tone guitar custom made for me by Sword Guitars.

I have been exploring a new direction in music for the last 25 years that many are now calling Transcendent Tonality, which integrates the tuning work of Erv Wilson, and microtonality in general hence embracing of a larger universe of musical note choices. I chose this song as a vehicle for bridging the gap between the traditional past and the exciting future.

An extended version of the song is available for mp3 download at cdbaby. It should be available on iTunes as well sometime next week. I will be putting out more videos and an album in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to your comments and responses as they will influence where I go from here.

UPDATE: The extended version of the song is now available on iTunes:

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Long Version) - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Long Version) - Single

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Stephen James Taylor has had a full time career for the last 30 years writing music for film and TV as well as the concert hall. His style is an eclectic blend of many elements. He has been helping introduce Transcendent Tonality, (via the application of much of Ervin Wilson's material), into the lexicon of film music since the early 90's. He is just now getting around to releasing his first solo album in 2013.

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